Manufacturer Price Food Grade Beverage Additives Carboxymethyl Cellulose CMC

Manufacturer Price Food Grade Food Beverage
  • Seller Sidere (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1 Metric Ton/Metric Tons 1MT Sodium Carboxymethyl cellulose
  • FOB Price US $2600-2900 /Metric Ton

Item Details

Port: ShangHai
Supply Ability: 50000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year CMC
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

Product Description


CG 20000 A 07

CG 20000 A 09


CG 20000 A is a highly purified food grade sodium carboxymethylcellulose. It is a tasteless, odourless, thickener, stabilizer or dispersant.


White to cream powder

Viscosity, 1%, 25℃ Brookfield LVT

1900-2600 mPa.s

Purity, %

Min. 99.5%


6.0 – 8.5

Moisture, %

Max. 10%

Particle size

G: Granules

P: Powder

Degree of substitution

0.75 – 0.85

0.85 – 0.95

Competing Product

Walocel CRT 20000 A 07

Aqualon 7H

Walocel CRT 20000 A 09


Food chemicals codex

FDA 21 CFR 182 1745 (GRAS)


Latest version of the EU directive relating to E466

Japan's specifications and standards for food additives

The national standard of the people's republic of China



Gluten free

Vegetarian origin



Grade (1)

Degree Of Substitution

Particle Size

CONC. (%)

Brookfield Viscosity LVT At 25oc (mPa.s)

Competing Product

07 / 09 (2)

g / p (3)


25 – 35

Walocel CRT 30 A

Clear+Stable 30 A

Aqualon 7L


110 – 160

Walocel CRT 100 A

Clear+Stable 100 A

Aqualon 7M2

Cekol 150


550 – 800

Walocel CRT 1000 A

Aqualon 7M, 7M8S, 9M8, 12M8

Cekol 700


1900 – 2800

Walocel CRT 2000 A

Clear+Stable 2000 A

Aqualon 9M31, 12M31

Cekol 2000


900 – 1500

Walocel CRT 10000 A


1900 – 2600

Walocel CRT 20000 A

Aqualon 7H, 7H3S, 7HOF


3000 – 4000

Walocel CRT 30000 A

Clear+Stable 30000 A

Aqualon 7H4

Cekol 30000


4000 – 5000

Walocel CRT 40000 A

Aqualon 9H4

(1) Purity: 99.5%

(2) Degree of Substitution: 07: 0.75 – 0.85; 09: 0.85 – 0.95;

(3) Particle Size: G=Granules; P=Powder

SIDERE provides advanced materials and solutions to diversified industries.

Our group has been more than two decades, throughout our evolution from carboxymethyl cellulose manufacturer to diversified specialty chemicals conglomerate, we’ve advanced by becoming ever more capable of adding unique value to customer products.

Headquartered in shanghai, we operate manufacturing facilities and warehouses in China, US and UAE, including industrial famous shanghai Everbright CMC plant. we continue to expand our network around the globe, serving more than 30 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Americas.

Our mission and vision is to bring the right products to you, solving your challenging problems. we look forward to embracing the opportunities of brilliant future with you together.

The right partner builds competitiveness and advantage for your supply chain.

We are boosted by:

- More than 20 years experience

- Three manufacture facilities with total annual capacity above 50,000 mt

- Outstand by the most revolutionary slurry manufacture process

- Professional R&D specialist equipped by advanced laboratory

- Global facilities including the US, UAE and Europe

Packed in 25 kg / 50 Lbs bags. All packaging material complies with FDA and EU food contact legislation.

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