Ethyl maltol powder for food beverages

Ethyl Maltol Powder For Food Beverages
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  • Min. Order 1 Kilogram/Kilograms Flavor substances and flavorings
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Port: Shanghai
Supply Ability: 5000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month Ethyl Maltol Powder
Payment Terms: L/C,D/P,T/T,Western Union,Paypal, One-touch

Product Description

Product Description

Food Flavor Application Fields

Food Flavors are widely used in beverages, biscuits, cakes, frozen foods, candy, chocolate, seasonings, dairy products, canned, wine and other food.

Food flavor

(1). Is the reference to the natural food flavor, the use of natural and natural equivalent spices, synthetic fragrance by careful deployment of natural flavor with a variety of flavor fragrance.
(2). It includes fruits (water and oil), milk, poultry, meat, vegetables, nuts, preserves, emulsified and alcohol and other flavors.
(3). It is widely used in beverages, biscuits, cakes, frozen foods, candy, seasonings, dairy products, canned, wine and other food.
(4). Food flavor appearances have liquid, powder, paste (cream),etc.

Product (Flavor)
Product Character
Perfume Description
Main Application Areas
Rich vanilla flavour
Rich and intensive vanilla flavour
Like natural vanilla bean flavour(mixer)
Rich and full vanilla flavour
Full vanilla flavour with good fragrance retention
Ice cream
True butter vanilla flavour
Milk beverage
Cream vanilla
Vanilla flavour with a little cream flavour ,applied in roasted food to increase aroma
Roasted seeds and nuts
Cream vanilla
Typical vanilla and cream flavour
Roasted seeds and nuts
Cream vanilla
Rich cream with full-bodied vanilla flavour,which is stronger
Roasted seeds and nuts
Ice-cold vanilla
Rich mint's cool feeling with vanilla flavour
Roasted seeds and nuts
Pure and rich vanilla bean flavour with low temperature stability
Roasted seeds and nuts
Vanilla milk
Rich,eruptible and harmonious cream and vanilla flavour ,sprayed on the surface of roasted food
Roasted seeds and nuts

The Role of Food Flavors on Food:

Auxiliary role: Some have their own good flavor of the products, such as natural fruit juice, etc., due to lack of aroma intensity, and therefore need to use its aroma and aroma corresponding to the fragrance to complement its fragrance.
Stability role: the aroma of natural products, often due to geographical, soil, climate, seasonal gas, sunshine, cultivation, harvesting and processing of the impact of change, while the essence is in accordance with the same formula to reconcile the fixed, Aroma can basically achieve the stability of each batch of perfumed, the aroma of natural products can play a certain role in the stability.
Supplement role: Jam, preserved fruit, fruits, vegetables, canned food, often in the process of loss of its original most of the aroma, which requires the use of its aroma and aroma characteristics corresponding to the flavor of perfume, the product Aroma play a certain role in the stability.
Fragrance role: hard candy, soft drinks, iced, cakes, melon seeds, and so the food itself does not have any flavor, by adding a specific fragrance flavor, the product has a certain type of aroma and flavor.
Odor role: Some foods have an unacceptable odor. (Such as the smell of fish products), through the selection of appropriate flavor, you can correct the smell, so that people are willing to accept.
Substitution role: natural products as a direct source of flavor as difficult (such as lack of supply, or the cost is too high, or in the production process difficulties, etc.), you can use the appropriate flavor to replace, so that difficulties can be overcome.

Adding Principle

1) Must be based on the type of food and flavor of their different flavors to be selected;
2) To use must be able to dissolve the essence;
3) According to not more than 0.5 ‰ ~2% of the proportion of added, only in exceptional circumstances before allowing increased;
4) To avoid the high concentration of sugar or acidic solution mixture;
5) To strictly control the water temperature when added, water-soluble flavor heating shall not be higher than 70 degrees, oil-soluble flavor shall not be higher than 120 degrees.

Company Show

Company Profile

Shanghai ZAHA Industry Co.,Ltd is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai, is a professional engaged in food flavor research, production, sales, agents and trade service company. The products are sold well throughout China and exported all over the world. We have powerful technical strength, advanced production equipment, professional researchers and application personnel, to provide professional technical advice and technical support to meet every customer in and abroad on the demand for flavors.
Our company is pecializing in operating food sweet flavors, salty flavors and natural spices and other food additives. Flavors and fragrances have appearance in liquid, powder and paste and can be packaged according to the requirements. Products are mainly used in baking, candy, chocolate, dairy products, beverages, meat and other fields. In company, standing stock is more than 800 kinds and operating is more than 1,500 kinds. For every flavor and fragrance, its raw materials procurement, research and development, production, sales and after-sale service, has been through rigorous testing standards. Each step and responsibility can be traced back.
Based on technology for development, good faith for life, we ZAHA would love to join hands with friends, contribute our fore for the more flavors and spices world.

Product Structure

1) Liquid (Oil/Water) Flavor, Powder Flavor, Microcapsule Flavor

2) Sweet Flavor, Savory Flavor, Food Ingredients

3) Liquid Flavor, Power Flavor, Pasty Flavor

Our Team

1. Technical Sales Team
We company set up a skilled technocal elite sales team with many senior flavor division, chemical analysts, application engineeers and marketing staffs. Product (Food flavors) are divided into three categories: sweet flavors, savory flavors and food ingredients, which provide a lots of classic products in domestic and international markets.
At present, we company has perfect perfumery room, analysis room, natural extraction laboratory, food application laboratory, which can met different levels technical sevices of customers.
2. Technology Research and Development System
Adhering to " technological innovation, achievements in the future" technology management philosophy, we company set up a sound technology research and development system and hire senior expert consultants to guide the company's technological innovation research. It provide product development and technical support for the vast majority food-related industries.
3. Perfect Quality Control System
Product quality from the beginning
Strict implementation of food safety regulations, all the raw material selection and use of GB2760 standards are unconditionally follow all the requirements to ensure that from the source to ensure product safety.
Improve the food safety management system (FSSCC22000)
Not only the combination of ISO22000 and HACCP food hazard prevention and control system requirements, but als to strengthen the operational chain of the food chain program management, from supplier management, incoming inspection, research and design, process control, storage management and customer service and other aspects of the entire food safety managements.

Perfect Service and Support

To create the customers moved products and services, to provide customers with the overall solution of food formulations, to help customers achieve success.

A. Customer-centric, the pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction

B. Face to face service and support

C. Market-oriented to help you analyze market potential and product portfolio

D. Targeted development of products

E. Provide program recommendations to help you optimize formulation and cost, analyze and improve processes.

Application areas

This food flavor is oil/water soluble flavor, apply to the following products:
For baking category, such as: biscuits, snacks, cakes, bread, potato chips, puffs, egg tarts and so on.
For candy, such as: candy, hard candy, chocolate, cotton candy, sandwich sugar, maltose, chewing gum and so on.
For jams, such as: sauces, liquid seasoning, powder seasoning and so on.
For roasted seeds and nuts, such as: nuts, peanuts, chestnuts, cashews, melon seeds and so on.
For lipstick, such as: lip balm, matte lipstick, lip gloss and other lip care products.
For oral care products, such as toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash.
For health care category, such as: children's pharmaceutical, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical production, protein powder.
Other: tea, flowers and fruit tea, preserved fruit, ice cream, solid drinks, canned food.

Recommended dosage of edible flavor

1) Recommended for the production of beverages, frozen foods, spices, dairy products, drinks, alcohol products, the recommended dosage is 0.1-0.3%
2) Recommended for the production of baked goods (biscuits, cakes), candy and other products, the recommended dosage is 0.1-0.3%
3) Recommended for the production of convenient food, the recommended dosage is 0.1-0.3%
4) Recommended for the production of health food, drug, the recommended dosage is 0.1-0.3%
5) Recommended for the production of various types of feed (including bait, etc.) processing, the recommended dosage is 0.3-2.0%
6) Recommended for use in contact mouth (mouthwash) flavoring processing, the recommended dosage is 0.1-0.2%
7) Recommended for use in contact oral (toothpaste) fragrance processing, the recommended dosage is 0.8-1.0%
8) Recommended for use in contact lips (lip balms) in fragrance processing, the recommended dosage is 0.1-0.3%

Packing & Delivery

Packaging & Shipping

Flavor in Liquid
1kg PE jerry bottle*20/Carton
5kg PE jerry bottle*4/Carton
20-25kg PE jerry Barrel
Flavor in Powder
1kg bag*20/carton
5kg bag*4 /carton
20-25kg PE jerry Barrel
Flavor in Pasty
1kg PE jerry can *10/carton
5kg PE jerry can * 4/carton
20-25kg PE jerry Barrel
Other customized packaging type as per requirements.

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