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Notes on the use of diamond saw blades:

1,Check whether there is dirt on the chuck of the cutting machine, when it is dirty to clean up and then install, spindle bearing, spindle or shaft sleeve wear is serious, serious wear and tear when the replacement of new bushings or equipment.

2,When installing the saw blade, tighten the nut of the flange so as not to increase the end face of the saw blade. The blade flange is recommended to use a larger point, the diameter of the 230mm is better, so as not to pinch the disc is too small to cause the saw blade bending jitter jitter

3,Wet cutting saw blade, please add sufficient cooling water, cooling water pressure shall not be less than 0.1Mpa, no cutting.

4,Saw blade feed to slow, prohibit excessive force or bending cutting. During the cutting process, it is not allowed to cut the curve, and it is not allowed to be used by the side mill.

5,In the cutting process, the cutting machine is strictly prohibited, so as not to damage the saw blade.

6,In cutting hard material, blunt blade, available ceramic grinding wheel or refractory bricks "edged" (edge is in ceramic grinding wheel or refractory brick cut ten knife), sharp as ever, or will make travel slowly, slowly cut.

7,When installing the saw blade, it is necessary to make the direction indicated on the saw blade consistent with the direction of rotation of the cutter. Can not be used, otherwise, the direction is not easy to cause the phenomenon of cutting and affect the service life.

8,The blade should be installed outside the protective cover, to prevent the festival falling, wearing the protective equipment should be operating personnel before operation: such as safety shoes, helmets, goggles, protective gloves, and if necessary operation must use earplugs, masks and so on.

9,Saw blade rotation in close contact.

10,When cutting the saw blade cutting material beyond the above 2mm can be cut edge to minimize material bang.

Be carefulThe blade diameter size and the height of the cutter head, the blades are larger than the actual size of collectively, domestic bearings are generally 50mm and 100mm, so the blade inner hole are generally 50mm (1 meters in diameter and above large diameter blade inner hole is 100mm)

The following is the production of marble saw blades in the market cutting feedback:

The factory in the market after a long beige marble saw blade cutting, cutting, cutting edge collapse, cost-effective than imported marble Beige saw, affordable, often exported to Southeast Asia and neighboring countries to order!