Booster energy drink

Booster Energy Drink
  • Min. Order 1 Twenty-Foot Container
  • FOB Price US $1-100 /Twenty-Foot Container

Item Details

Port: Pasir Gudang, Malaysia
Supply Ability: 10 Twenty-Foot Container per Quarter
Payment Terms: T/T

Product Description

Ice Cool Booster energy drink is the latest series of our re-formulated energy drink. This energy drink series comes in 3 seperate formulation:

1) Booster: Appeal

- This "Appeal" formulation is specially created to enhance the energy, stamina and performance of him and her. It is carefully crafted to bring out the best performance in you, especially if you are up to a long night. A performance boost is what this is created for.

2) Booster: Original

- This "Play" formulation is specially created to last you through a long night. No matter the reason, this product will be your energy for the night.

Other series of our product to be launched:

3) Booster: Awakening

- This "Awakening" formulation is specially created to help you through your monday blues, a bad day at work or just simply to help you toll through the long day ahead. This is just simply what you need to stay awake. It is mild and smooth in taste, but it works wonder.

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