Stretch Film

6000m Length Flexible Blow Self Adhesive
US $2.00-2.50 /Kilogram
Cheep And High Quality Mirrior Protective
US $0.07-0.70 /Square Meter
Pallet Wrap Film Stretch Rate 500
US $1.40-1.70 /Kilogram
Auto Paint Masking Film PE Protective
US $0.10-0.25 /Square Meter
China Supplier Pe Machine Use Stretch
US $0.10-1.80 /Roll
Agriculture Silage Wrap Film
US $50.00-200.00 /Roll
Alibaba China Casting Pallet Lldpe Stretch
US $3.20-3.90 /Roll
Plastic Wrapping Film For PE Transparent
US $1.60-1.80 /Kilogram
Glow In The Dark Acrylic Photoluminescent
US $8.00-23.00 /Square Meter
32Gauge 8 Micron Single Wound POF
US $2.08-2.38 /Kilogram
Food Fresh Keeping Clear Reusable Silicone
US $0.18-1.10 /Piece
US $2.00-2.10 /Kilograms
Cast Stretch Film
US $1.20-1.60 /Kilogram
Stretch Film For Pallet Packing Stretch
US $1.42-1.80 /Kilogram
PE Cast Stretch Film And Jumbo
US $1.40-2.00 /Kilogram
Breathable Laminated Film Bonded By Glue
US $1,000.00-3,000.00 /Ton
Security PE Protective Stretch Film Wrap
US $3.00-7.00 /Piece
Printed OPP VMCPP Food Packing Roll
US $3.20-4.50 /Kilogram
Hand Stretch Wrap Film PE Cling
US $0.15-15.00 /Roll
Clear Food Packing Film Food Grade
US $0.15-15.00 /Roll
Stretch Film Type And PE Material
US $0.90-2.30 /Kilogram
Stretch Film Red Color LLDPE Handy
US $1.90-2.10 /Kilogram
20mic LLDPE Machine Use Power Pallet
US $1.50-1.90 /Kilogram
Popular 100 New Raw LLDPE Material
US $0.10-3.00 /Kilogram
Plastic LDPE LLDPE HDPE Material Jumbo
US $0.15-5.80 /Roll
ShenZhen Manufacturer LLDPE Pallet Wrap Packaging
US $1.40-1.75 /Kilogram
Household PVC Transparent Clear Stretch Food
US $1.50-2.30 /Kilogram
Lldpe Stretch Film Wrapping Film Roll
US $0.98-1.65 /Kilogram
Pe Stretch Film 45kg 50kg Jumbo
US $1.30-1.60 /Kilogram